parshas lech lecha / 7 marcheshvan


In the times of the Holy Temple, the seventh of Cheshvan marked the end of the pilgrimage season surrounding the festival of Sukkos. For the Jews living on the Euphrates River, the furthest reaches of the Holy Land, their journey home took fifteen days and thus, was concluded on the seventh of Cheshvan. The prayer for rain commenced only once all of the pilgrims were comfortably home again.

The seventh of Cheshvan is the final stage of Jewish unity that was begun during the month of Elul (the days of preparation for Rosh HaShanah) and enhanced throughout all of the days of the month of Tishrei. May we continue to work on and enhance Jewish unity in every way possible until the ultimate revelation of total Jewish unity/and the unity of G-d and the entire world with the coming of Moshiach, NOW!

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