“Where is Your Wife?”
September 5, 2019
Beis Moshiach in #1181, Moments with the Rebbe


The unique relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Robert (Bob) Abrams — he, a longtime politician and New York’s Attorney General for 14 years, and she, a successful attorney — with the Rebbe is illustrated in these short photographic anecdotes:


One time, in the course of a farbrengen, Bob presented the Rebbe with an honorary proclamation in honor of his birthday. He informed the Rebbe that he was bringing this proclamation on behalf of all the citizens of the Bronx, Jews and non-Jews alike. (Bob first met the Rebbe MH”M after being elected Borough President of the Bronx). The Rebbe asked him, “Where is your wife?”

His wife, Diane, recalls: “I remember seeing Bob pointing towards the women’s section (see picture). Later Bob told me that he had told the Rebbe that I was right there, behind the glass window”.


The Abrams had only one girl, but they really wanted another child. They went to a doctor who was considered an expert in the field, and were told that they had less than a five percent chance of having another child. This wish has not been told to anyone, not even their parents. They were hoping and praying alone that they would have another child, in their hearts.

One year, on Hoshana Rabbah, they came to the Rebbe to receive Lekach (honey cake) and a Bracha for a good and sweet year, as they did every year. However, not as usual — they had not brought Rachel along with them to the Rebbe.

Suddenly, the Rebbe looked at them and blessed them for “an addition to the family within the next year.” They were left stunned.

A year later, at the age of 49, Diane gave birth to a wonderful girl who they called Binyamina (Becky), named after Bob’s father, – Binyamin.

When Becky was a few months old, they went for their traditional annual Hoshana Rabbah visit to the Rebbe.

Mr. Abrams recalls the line of people waiting extended for three or four blocks along and around the Crown Heights streets, but as he says, the Chassidim were always so very nice to us. When our car would arrive, somehow, somebody would come and lead us to the front of the line, sparing us the long wait.

We had the little infant in our hands. The Rebbe said, “I see you brought the addition to your family.” This was a year later, and the Rebbe used the exact words he had used one year earlier. I said that we wanted to thank the Rebbe very much for giving us this beautiful child.

“No, it wasn’t me,” the Rebbe said. And he lifted his hand and pointed towards the heavens.

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