March 11, 2015
Rabbi Shloma Majeski in #965, D'var Malchus, Moshiach & Geula, Truma

In place of all this tragedy and suffering “our mouths will be filled with laugher and our tongues will sing.” * From Chapter Seven of Rabbi Shloma Majeski’s Likkutei Mekoros (Underlined text is the compiler’s emphasis.)

Translated by Boruch Merkur

18. May it be G-d’s will that adding and increasing in joy breaks through all the barriers, beginning with the final remaining barriers of exile. May these obstacles be transformed into goodness and holiness.

The main thing is to break through the barriers of the final moment of exile so that it finally becomes the first moment of redemption. The catalyst for this monumental change is our deeds and our Divine service in general, and in particular when done with joy, and especially through the avoda of the righteous Jewish women, in whose merit comes the redemption (as it is was in the exodus from Egypt – Sota 11b).

In particular this applies to the righteous women who have died al kiddush Hashem, martyred – may none of us suffer such a tragedy – not the desired fate of any Jew… May it be G-d’s will that this be the last time such a thing takes place, and may it be the end of the entire concept of death. From now on may there only be long life and good fortune for each Jew and for all the Jewish people – men, women, and children alike – amidst health. Since it is the month of Adar, it is an auspicious time for good fortune – “its mazal is robust and healthy” – referring to both bodily health and spiritual health.

May our health increase until we attain, without any interruption at all, eternal life, in the true and complete redemption.

The merit of this martyred woman stands for every single Jew, and certainly for her personally, beginning with the advent of “those who reside in the dust shall get up and sing,” and the righteous men and women shall arise [from the dead] immediately.

In place of all this [tragedy and suffering] “our mouths will be filled with laugher and our tongues will sing.” This transformation is especially on account of our having prepared and made the vessel through joy during the time of exile, a foretaste of “our mouths will be filled with laughter” (through fulfilling Mitzvos in general, and in particular through the Mitzva of T’fillin, which brings about “badach tuva – [being] extremely cheerful,” in anticipation of “our mouths will be filled with laughter”). Also, the present era is particularly suited for joy and laughter as it is the generation of my revered father in-law, the Rebbe, leader of the generation, whose name, Yosef Yitzchok, alludes to an increase in (“Yitzchok” meaning) laughter, rejoicing, and joy.

And all Jews, with our youths and our elders, our sons and our daughters, together with “their silver and their gold with them,” together with all the shuls and yeshivos in the Diaspora, shall go to the Holy Land, Yerushalayim the Holy City, to the Temple Mount, to the third and threefold Beis HaMikdash, absolutely immediately, in the literal sense.

(From the addresses of the nights of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, and Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Truma 5752; Seifer HaSichos 5752, pg. 392-3)


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