June 13, 2017
Rabbi Shloma Majeski in #1072, Balak, Moshiach & Geula

From Chapter Fifteen of Rabbi Shloma Majeskis Likkutei Mekoros, Volume 2. (Underlined text is the compilers emphasis.)

Translated by Boruch Merkur

As taught in Mesivta Ilaa (the Alm-ghty’s yeshiva in the world of Bria, where Ima-Mother shines), this is the meaning of, “Umigvaos ashurenuI behold them as hills (it is a nation that will dwell alone, and will not be reckoned among the nations)” (Balak 23:9): Heregvaos-hillsis missing the letter Vav. (Here the missing Vav represents Ze’ir Anpin being in a state of ibbur-gestation within Ima-Mother, being concealed there and totally undetectable.)

In Mesivta DRekia, however, (in the world of Yetzira) it is taught thatUmigvaosdoes contain a Vav, engendering interpretations at two levels. One (refers to the level of Bina), that this hill is never separated from her son (Ze’ir Anpin) and she never leaves him. Thus, the Vav is with her forever.

The other interpretation (refers to the level of Malchus): The son (Moshiach ben Dovid, whose soul is at the level of Malchus) is subsumed within the hill on the lower plane (Malchus) constantly (except on the day of the advent of Moshiach, when he rises to Bina). But in the Future Era, when Melech HaMoshiach (ben Dovid) shall come, it will be necessary for him to be taken by the hill of the higher plane (by Ima Ilaa, Supernal Mother). There he will be taken in beneath her wings to strengthen him and to establish him with supernal life. And on that day, Melech HaMoshiach (ben Dovid) will emerge from her (from Ima by way of Malchus).

The latter mystical concept is contained in the verse, “I will tell chok. G-d said to me, ‘You are My son, I have begotten you today’” (Thillim 2:7): In the future, I (Moshiach) shall tell that place, which is called chok (i.e., Malchus), and proclaim to it (about my emergence and revelation from Bina): “G-d (Bina) said to me, ‘You are My son (I have given you life as one begets a son), I have begotten you today (meaning on the day of the advent of Moshiach, Moshiach will be born and he will emerge from Bina).’” Literally on that day (when Moshiach will be revealed, Bina will hand over the soul of Moshiach to Malchus, and then), that chok (Malchus) will take him (Moshiach) out from beneath her wings, with much life, with many crowns, with many blessings, as is fitting.

(Notwithstanding the emergence of Moshiach from Malchus) that chok will not remain alone; a different MoshiachMoshiach Ben Yosefwill be subsumed within it. He will garner strength there; not from another place (not as Moshiach ben Dovid received from Bina). But since it is the lower hill, there is no life there (for Malchus only has its own vitality; only what it receives from Ze’ir Anpin, from what it receives from Bina. Therefore, life shall not be granted to Moshiach ben Yosef as Bina gave life to Moshiach ben Dovid.) Thus, this Moshiach will die and be killed, and he will remain deceased until this hill gathers life from the supernal hill (until Malchus receives vitality from Bina, and gives it to Moshiach ben Yosef). Then he shall rise.

(Zohar III on Parshas Balak, pg. 203b, with the interpretation of Matuk MiDvash, based on Ramak, Mikdash Melech, and others)


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