May 7, 2015
Rabbi Shloma Majeski in #972, D'var Malchus, Moshiach & Geula, Shmini

Why are you “casting away” my father-in-law, the Rebbe to “Siberia,” to “Solovki” – to Gan Eden?! We need him (and he may well need us) here! * From Chapter Eight of Rabbi Shloma Majeski’s Likkutei Mekoros (Underlined text is the compiler’s emphasis.)

Translated by Boruch Merkur

As the farbrengen of Shabbos Parshas Shmini 5712 carried on for a long time, one of the elders of the Chassidim asked that the farbrengen be discontinued for the sake of the Rebbe shlita’s health. The Rebbe shlita answered with a smile: “When the maamer was being said, you stood in the corner, but now you come forward to state opinions?!…”

The holy face of the Rebbe then became serious and he began speaking on the topic of the nesius, the Rebbe’s leadership, saying:

When you contemplate the greatness of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, and the fact that he has left us—

I don’t know why G-d has done this to us, but that is the way it is. (See also Toras Menachem, Hisvaaduyos Vol. 2, pg. 22, among other places.) It is clear, though, that this did not take place against the Rebbe’s will, for the whole concept of acting under duress does not apply to the Rebbe. When the Rebbe acquiesces to something particular, it is because that is his will.

The fact is that neither you nor I have any other option…

Be that as it may, regarding those matters that I have accepted upon myself – that this is my shlichus, my mission in this world – may it be with kindness and with mercy. (See also Yemei B’Reishis, pg. 387.)

In the course of the talk, when one of the Chassidim mentioned the Rebbe Rayatz, referring to him asder Rebbe, nishmaso Eden – the Rebbe, whose soul resides in Heaven,” the Rebbe shlita protested (with great emotion and tears):

Why are you “casting away” my father-in-law, the Rebbe to “Siberia,” to “Solovki” – to Gan Eden?! We need him (and he may well need us) here!

Even if for this reason it is necessary to extricate him from Gan Eden – the Lower Gan Eden or even Supernal Gan Eden – it is worthwhile, for the especial quality of Gan Eden (even Supernal Gan Eden) only pertains to G-dly emanations and revelations, whereas when we say “l’chaim” on mashke in the physical world, and we partake of physical foods, there is a manifestation of atzmus u’mehus Ein Sof baruch Hu, the very essence of G-d’s Infinite Light.

(The Rebbe shlita concluded, banging his fist on the table and saying) We need the Rebbe – together with all the Rebbeim – here.

(Toras Menachem 5712, pg. 183)


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