March 25, 2015
Rabbi Shloma Majeski in #967, D'var Malchus, Moshiach & Geula, Parshas Zachor, chai v'kayam, tTruma

The purpose of the test is actually that it should be confronted and overcome. By doing so, the concealment is pushed away and nullified and the truth is revealed. * From Chapter Eight of Rabbi Shloma Majeski’s Likkutei Mekoros (Underlined text is the compiler’s emphasis.)

Translated by Boruch Merkur

Why is it necessary to think, speak, write, and publicize that the Rebbe MH”M is chai v’kayam? What difference does it make?

In addition to the general answer – that a true Chassid follows his Rebbe’s path (and this is certainly the Rebbe’s path, as evident in all the sichos cited above) – there are two other points:

1. The Rebbe’s being chai v’kayam b’gashmius (physically alive) actually depends on us!

2. Only one who accepts that the Rebbe is with us and leads us as before, without any change, G-d forbid, can continue to be committed to the Rebbe’s directives and wishes as before, without any change.

1. The Rebbe being chai vkayam bgashmius depends on us

When we have this emuna, this mindset, and we speak this way, it more openly brings out the reality of the Rebbe’s ongoing life. Ultimately, this faith will bring about the most revealed sense of the Rebbe’s ongoing life, visible to our eyes of flesh, when the Rebbe will lead us out of exile.

Conversely, one who, G-d forbid, fails to have this emuna, withholds the Rebbe, as it were, from being here in a fully revealed way.

The Rebbe knows our secrets.

The power the Rebbe [Rayatz] harnesses through the teachings of Chassidus is drawn down and imparted to us even now [after his histalkus on Yud Shvat 5710] with no change on his part. To us as well there has been no change that would give us reason to think that the Rebbe is not with us, G-d forbid.

Rather, those who were acquainted with the Rebbe throughout the thirty years of his leadership know that the Rebbe would not abandon his Chassidim. He would never leave them on their own on Shabbos Parshas Zachor, for example, when we must battle against Amalek…

The only change experienced by us is that in the past one could have conceived that in a private audience with the Rebbe the Chassid may introduce the topics of his choice and omit that which he wishes to conceal from the Rebbe. But now it is clear to everyone that the Rebbe knows our secrets as well. For in the past the Rebbe was alive in a physical body, but now he is beyond the limitations of physicality; he is entirely spiritual.

On the other hand, since “tzaddikim who have passed on are present in all worlds more than when they were alive,” “even in the physical world of action they are more present” – certainly the Rebbe continues to lead the entire world, his Chassidim in particular, and arouses for them great mercy [from On High], etc., as he did up until now. In fact, he does so with greater strength and fortitude.

Just as up it was always understood by each and every one of us that the Rebbe will lead us to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu, we must have this understanding now as well.

The [reality of the] event that took place, etc., is only to our physical eyes; it is no more than a test (one of the tribulations of “the birth pangs of Moshiach,” which are necessary prior to the advent of the righteous redeemer), the entire purpose of which is to hide and conceal the truth.

Of course, it remains to be understood why according to Torah it is necessary to say Kaddish during this period, etc.

The purpose of the test is actually that it should be confronted and overcome. By doing so, the concealment is pushed away and nullified and the truth is revealed (as discussed in the teachings of Chassidus).

Therefore, by means of strengthening in hiskashrus, connecting with the Rebbe, by studying his teachings and actually fulfilling his directives (both with regard to his directives to the public as well as and particularly with regard to the instructions he said face to face to individuals in private audiences) we will immediately merit (since we are presently in the Era of the Footsteps of Moshiach) to “meet up with the Rebbe” and see each other with physical eyes, and the Rebbe will lead us to the redemption.

(From the address of Shabbos Parshas Truma, Parshas Zachor; Toras Menachem 5710, pg. 16)

a doctor is incapable of understanding the life of a Rebbe

The Rebbe’s doctor said that his proficiency in medicine bears no relevance when dealing with a Rebbe; as a doctor he is simply incapable of understanding the physical life of a Rebbe.

The truth is that the Rebbe’s life is spiritual life: “The life of a tzaddik is not physical life but spiritual life” (Tanya Igeres HaKodesh siman 27).

From this it is understood that with regard to the Rebbe, there is no distinction between his previous status and his current status.

Even now, the Rebbe is with us physically.

The Rebbe said: Hiskashrus, bonding with me, is through the study of my Chassidic maamarim, and fulfilling my requests regarding the saying of Thillim, and the like.

The Rebbe advice about how to connect with him is still in full force.

(From the address of 10 Adar, Siyum HaShloshim, 5710; Toras Menachem 5710, pg. 17)


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