September 6, 2017
Beis Moshiach in #1084, Tomchei T'mimim, Tribute

Many people had a teacher who made a big impact on them. The teacher or mashgiach who directed them with love, enthusiasm, or devotion, and left a deep impression that lasts a lifetime. * As the new schoolyear begins, Beis Moshiach asked people to tell about a person in chinuch who made an indelible impression on them.

RLipa Klein cant help but wax nostalgic over the personality of RYisroel Neveler. Even seventy years later, he recalls the special parable he told his pupils.

RShneur Zalman Herzel chose RYosef Abrams as the model of one who livedRebbeand imparted to him a genuine love for the teachings of Chassidus.

RDovid Glazer selected RShneur Zalman Gafni because he told him straight, “I am not sure this place is good for you.”

RChaim Steiner misses the mashpia, RElimelech Zweibel, who was like a father to him in the galus of distant New Jersey.

RAviram Magor chose RYY Wilschansky, “who despite the decades that have passed since I was his student, remembers me, and I am still a person of interest to him.”

ROholiav Abutbul chose RMoshe Assoulin, who would not give up on a single student, not even at three in the morning in a last review before a test when he lovingly brought them pitas stuffed with goodies.

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