I’ve Never Seen Such a Picture!
July 10, 2019
The Rebbe in #1173, 12 Tammuz, From the Rebbe's pen, Rebbe Rayatz

This drawing of the Frierdiker Rebbe was sent by a Chassid to the Rebbe in the summer of 5751 (1991). In his letter, he wrote that he assumes that this picture is from around the year 5680.

נת’ ות”ח ת”ח. ובפרט ש”ע [=שעד עתה] לא ראיתי דוגמתה.

לכאורה (פוטו מ)ציור ביד (ע”פ זכרון ולכן ריבוי השערות מצד ימין למעלה)

“It was received and many thanks. Especially since I have never seen a photo of this sort.

This seems to be a (photo of) a drawing by hand, this is my assumption based on memory (and that explains why there is so much hair on the upper right side while in reality this was not the case.)

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