June 28, 2016
Rabbi Shloma Majeski in #1027, D'var Malchus

Sources where the Rebbe proclaims that Moshiach has already been revealed. * From Chapter Seven of Rabbi Shloma Majeskis Likkutei Mekoros (Underlined text is the compilers emphasis(

Translated by Boruch Merkur

13. […] Since MarCheshvan is the first month that emphasizes the avoda of man in the world [i.e., following Rosh HaShana, etc., the month of Tishrei, when the emphasis is on spirituality], to establish for G-d a home in the physical world, it includes within it, in a general sense, the months that follow it. Thus, the 20th of MarCheshvan, the Crown of MarCheshvan [twenty being numerically equivalent to “kesser – crown”], includes within it the “crowns” of the subsequent months: The crown of the month of Kislev, which concludes with the days of Chanuka, symbolic of the chanukas ha’Mitzbeiach v’ha’Mikdash (the inauguration of the Alter, as well as the Mikdash, the Holy Temple), and is in honor of the miracle of the oil, which is connected with the inner dimension of the Torah, “the oil of the Torah,” which is revealed through the teachings of Chassidus in the month of Kislev; the crown of the month of Teives, “a month when the body benefits from a[nother] body” [because of the cold –Rashi], alluding to the benefit imparted to the Supernal Body, the Yesh HaAmiti, the True Existence, from the Lower Body, yesh ha’nivra, created existence; the crown of the month of Shvat,* the tenth of which is the hilula of my revered father in-law, the Rebbe, when “all his deeds, his Torah, and his avoda that he did throughout the days of his life…are revealed and shine…and ‘bring about salvation in the midst of the land’”**; as well as the crowns of the subsequent months, including the finale of Shnas HaTzaddik*** (the 90th year of the Rebbe’s life), with, “O prosper it, the work of our hands,” the building of the Third Beis HaMikdash by Melech HaMoshiach, “A king from the Davidic dynasty” (who “has merited the royal crown…for himself and his descendants…forevermore”), who “builds the Beis HaMikdash.” May it happen this very moment, on Chai MarCheshvan (leading up to Chaf MarCheshvan), for the promise has already been fulfilled, “They will seek G-d, their L-rd, and Dovid their king” (as we have said in Kiddush Levana for the month of MarCheshvan, and with the addition of “amen,” which indicates its fulfillment in the literal sense).

14. The topic of primary importance, however, is this:

In addition to what was explained above (in Section 11) – that Moshiach exists in the sense of his “spark” (the aspect of Yechida) residing within every single Jew – Moshiach exists in the literal sense as well (the general Yechida). Indeed, it is known that “in each generation there is born one from the descendants of Yehuda who is fit to be the Moshiach of the Jewish people,” “one who, in terms of his righteousness, is fit to be the redeemer, and when the time comes, G-d will reveal Himself to him and send him, etc.” If only they would not have mixed in things that are undesirable, which act as obstacles and cause delays, etc., the advent of Moshiach would have taken place; Moshiach would have come in the literal sense.

But according to the announcement of my revered father in-law, the Rebbe, leader of our generation, the Moshiach of our generation, we have already completed and fulfilled all matters of avoda, and presently we are standing ready to welcome Moshiach Tzidkeinu. Thus, in our times (as above, Section 13), all obstacles and delays, etc., have been nullified. Therefore, there is (not only the existence of Moshiach but) also the revelation of Moshiach. Now we must simply welcome Moshiach Tzidkeinu in the literal sense!

(From the address of Shabbos Parshas VaYeira, 18 MarCheshvan 5752; Seifer HaSichos 5752, pg. 94-95)


*Footnote 114: Shvat being the eleventh month (“ashtei asar chodesh”), which is connected with the aspect of the crown, which transcends the Ten S’firos.

** Footnote 116: And on Chaf [i.e., “kesser – the crown], the twentieth of Shvat, the ten days (a complete number) are perfected; the tenth of the month attains excellence and perfection.

***Footnote 117: with the crown of the month of Nissan, “on the eleventh day,” the number eleven having a connection with twenty (as above, Footnote 114).


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