December 26, 2017
Beis Moshiach in #1099, Current Events

By Shneur Zalman Hertzel

This one was busy with this, and the other with that, and suddenly the news hit, “Sholom Mordechai is being let go!” “Sholom Mordechai has already left the prison!” “Sholom Mordechai is already home!” “He has arrived in 770!”

It was all so quick, so amazing. Everybody is saying: This is how the Geula will look. In one instant, as the Sages say, in a “rega as (in the amount of time it takes for the word rega to be) said.” And then we will already be after the revelation before the eyes of the entire world. If this was only a “taste” that we experienced in this immensely uplifting experience, how much greater will it be in the actual Redemption.

We have all already lived through many instances of suddenness. The Rebbe trained us for suddenness and spontaneity. For example, the Shabbos of Parshas Naso 5751, remembered as the Shabbos of “Suddenly the master will come to his antechamber.” The second unscheduled farbrengen, the Kos shel Brocho, the joy and dancing that followed. 770 was on wheels.

Sadly, we have become accustomed in recent years to tragic events of “suddenness.” To our distress, our senses have become somewhat dulled, a sort of stupefying dimming of the senses. We are not shocked as we once were. And then a miracle and deliverance. Salvation and redemption! It infused everyone with a spirit of revival. Finally, finally, a joyous celebration that transcends all of the limitations of this world, time, space, and individual consciousness – everybody shares in the exhilaration.

For the younger folks among us, who did not merit to be present at the various “holidays of redemption,” such as Rosh Chodesh Kislev, Hei Teives, and the like, this was a tangible experience allowing them to relate to something truly “sudden,” something huge. So perhaps we can focus on only one lesson of the many to be learned from this event, in order to leverage this into something greater, even more joyous – the True and Complete Redemption.

For the past eight years, we were witness to the struggle carried out by his family and friends, acquaintances and ultimately all Jews (through prayers and good deeds), in order to obtain freedom for R’ Sholom Mordechai. Leading the charge were, obviously, his family members, his wife and children. From the moment that the decree was sealed, the decree of exile in a house of prison, and until the hoped for release, his family was engaged without a stop or weakening, in one thing and one thing only! Their entire lives revolved around one, and only one, goal – to bring the redemption for the head of the family.

During that period, they were also involved in all of the necessities of life, food and drink, sleep, Torah learning, davening, and going to work. They also got together to celebrate family occasions, Bar Mitzvas, Weddings, etc. However, all of these activities were saturated with one goal – to live redemption, to breathe redemption, to bring the actual redemption to the world.

In the end it happened; what was a hope became a reality. Our hope will also become reality. And so, the message for us is clear.

As in the days of Achashveirosh, when originally nobody could see the connection between the events unfolding (as is well known that the Megilla lists a series of occurrences; Achashveirosh ascends to the throne, makes a feast etc, and there is no obvious connection between them), but in the end everything connects and links up. Everything becomes clear.

So too now. We are in the climactic stage of the Megilla of Geula [with historic events unfolding at a dizzying pace, such as the recognition of Yerushalayim as the capital city of Eretz Yisrael and the like]. We are actually formulating it. Living it. And quite imminently, we will read it and recount it from beginning to end.

Happy Geula days to all! L’chaim!

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