September 17, 2013
Beis Moshiach in #895, Open Forum

This week, in theOpen Forumfor timely discussions by readers of Beis Moshiach, thoughts on the passing of 22 years since the Rebbe said we need to publicize to all that the Nasi Hador is the Navi Hador.

1. There is a Jewish joke about an old gabbai in a shul who has a serious problem. Every time he stands up to make one of his announcements, a certain person preempts him and steals the show.

One day, the gabbai decided to remain silent no longer. He would show everyone that the announcements of that fellow were incorrect and they should only listen to the gabbai’s announcements.

That day was Rosh Chodesh and when the congregation reached the Shmoneh Esrei, the usurper quickly banged on the table and announced, “Yaaleh V’Yavo.” In his anger, the gabbai immediately banged on the table and announced, “Lo Yaaleh V’Lo Yavo!”

I was reminded of this joke a few weeks ago, the week of Parshas Shoftim, when I recalled the famous sicha of that week, 22 years ago, about “the prophet from among you, from your brethren, like myself [Moshe], will Hashem your G-d establish for you, listen to him.” It’s a sicha that demands action on our part, along with clear instructions, even if they are not simple or easy to implement.

2. Chabad Chassidim have a lot of issues to argue about. Some of them are disputes for the sake of heaven and they will endure, and some are disputes that are not for the sake of heaven and will not endure. Nobody can really say what the line is between these various disputes and which belong to which category. Therefore, some just hold on to this machlokes, while others just hold on to the other machlokes, and those who are “mehadrin” hold on to both.

But there are things about which there is no disagreement, and if someone would choose to disavow himself of those things, he would be like that gabbai and the only thing he would be able to do is announce that even on Rosh Chodesh “Lo Yaaleh V’Lo Yavo.” This sicha of Parshas Shoftim 5751 is one of those things.

No matter which way you lean, all agree about what was clearly stated in that sicha, which was edited and printed, given the seal of approval of the Rebbe himself.

Now, if everything is so fine and dandy, why are things not so fine and dandy? In other words, if all agree that these things were said by the Ben Amram of our generation, and we have nothing but the words of Ben Amram, how is it that we do not see everyone busy fulfilling at least this clear horaa?

This is not a general instruction such as “Lights of Tohu in Vessels of Tikkun,” where it is only natural that there will be the one that will lean more towards “Lights of Tohu,” whereas his friend will be more inclined towards “Vessels of Tikkun.” It is also not a matter of things that need to fall under the definition of “ofen ha’miskabel,” and it’s not even a shlichus that must be carried out solely by the official mosdos.

This is a straightforward horaa, another horaa in a series of horaos of the Rebbe to the Chassidim, like learning Rambam daily or going on mivtza t’fillin. The horaa is “publicize to all members of the generation that we have merited that Hashem has chosen and appointed someone with free choice who, from his part, is incomparably greater than the members of the generation, to be the ‘judges’ and ‘advisors’ and the Navi Ha’dor.”

3. Twenty-two years have passed since our king, in his glory, made this pronouncement. Despite his explicit words that guarantee to us the path to the true and complete Geula, we still don’t have it. Why? I don’t know. Every week there are more tragedies in this dark and bitter galus.

So let us put aside all differences of opinion and ignore, for a few moments, all the labels, and go over to the bookcase and take out the D’var Malchus or the Seifer HaSichos 5751 and learn the sicha and try to implement the bottom line message, “publicize everywhere that the Nasi Ha’dor is the Navi Ha’dor.” In the interests of efficacy, let us keep it neutral so that the publicizing focuses on the one thing about which there are no disagreements; publicizing to all members of the generation that we have a Navi.

Nobody promised us that life would be easy but, my fellow Chassidim, it’s a horaa from the Rebbe! The clock continues to tick, the years are passing by, and there is still a deafening silence.

22 years have passed. Isn’t that enough?

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