15 Menachem Av: The Power of Dance
August 16, 2019
Beis Moshiach in #1178, 15 Menachem-Av, MyLife: Chassidus Applied

Life is synonymous with movement. Death is when this movement comes to a halt.

Everything in existence is in constant motion: The changing seasons, the celestial bodies, pulsating atoms, ocean waves, the cycles of every organism and life form, our breath and heartbeats, even the flow of time itself. Everything natural and wholesome is always moving, except… humans.

Only humans are capable of defying the natural flow of life’s movement. Only we can go against our innate restlessness and master the “art” of becoming “couch potatoes” and “doing nothing”!

Healthy life is all about flux and change. As we get caught up in the minutiae of surface life,  and in petty battles and concerns, we become trapped in old habits and patterns – and every time we do, a small part of us dies inside. “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.” But the good news is that just as we can choose “death,” we can choose to plug in to the source of life’s energy, and when we do, we are renewed. 

Dancing is a way to do that. It manifests our natural internal movement. When we freeze up, we muzzle and shackle our inner spirit. When we break out into an unbridled dance, with our hands waving free and our bodies unchained, our inherent inner rhythm is liberated and comes gushing forth. So, when you feel constrained or stifled, consider dancing.

A celebration and dance of absolute and unconfined passion is liberating. Dance with your legs — they lift your entire body and mind to another dimension.  Dance; unchained of your ghosts, unfettered by your mind, unburdened by your anxieties, unrestrained by your limits, uninhibited by your fears. Dance away. Dance freely. Forget your pains for a moment.

Dancing is universal. There is no distinction between scholar and layperson, between intellectual and simpleton, between adult and child. All of us dance together, regardless of background, education and age. Dancing demonstrates a celebration that transcends intellect; connects us all as one, and its celebration is unlimited and absolute. 

Defy gravity. Your lightness will buoy your sagging spirit. The tug of earth has brought you down and dragged you there. Now is the time to lift yourself and others. 


Want to catch a glimpse of another reality? Kick off your shoes, set yourself free in an unrestrained dance!

Article originally appeared on Beis Moshiach Magazine (http://beismoshiachmagazine.org/).
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